Personal Coaching

David Ashworth

David (37) is a full-time IT teacher at TrinityHouse in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg where he also coaches athletics. David’s sub-major during his undergraduate degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, was physical education which he completed in 2016.

David has coached athletes of all levels, training across a wide range of distances (from their first 5km to the Washie 100 miler), for four years. During this time, David has undertaken further coaching and endurance-related study through the University of Cape Town and has also completed his ASA coaching certificate.

David’s approach to training is highly scientific and based on extensive reading and research into the sport. His training plans are heavily influenced by the approach adopted by Comrades-legend Bruce Fordyce, as well as the work undertaken by Arthur Lydiard.

Ann Ashworth

Ann (35) is a qualified advocate and member of the Johannesburg Bar practicing in Sandton, Johannesburg.

While Ann has coached athletes of all levels and across a range of disciplines (e.g. trail running), her preference is to assist runners focusing 21.1km, 42.2km and ultra-distance road running events. This is because Ann’s coaching technique draws heavily from her own experience as an ultra-distance athlete and the lessons she has learnt while training and racing since 2008.

Ann’s approach to training is less scientific than that of her husband, and tends to focus on perceived-effort related training rather than being pace and/or distance focused. Ann’s coaching style is also influenced by the research and studies undertaken by athletes/coaches such as Matt Fitzgerald and Alex Hutchinson.