Have you got your sights set on Comrades 2020? Preparation is the key to successfully completing the Comrades Marathon. Under the guidance of Team Ashworth you can be confident that your preparation is optimised in terms of time availability and the correct training sessions, specifically designed for the 2022 down-run.

A rushed build-up can leave you injured and over-trained or under-prepared. Now is the time to get started on a conditioning programme so that your qualifier does not sneak up on you. Thereafter you will begin your big buildup to race day.

Team Ashworth is offering a package deal on Comrades Marathon coaching. This 11-month coaching package begins on 14 July 2019 and takes you through to race day on 14 June 2020. This package is available to all new coaching enquiries only and space is limited. The cost is R8250 once off , saving you R2750. Be part of the Comrades journey with Team Ashworth.

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