What we offer

David and Ann offer personalised training programs designed to help each athlete reach their individual goals. Ann’s coaching focus running, while David coaches running, cycling and swimming. We will design a monthly running schedule taking into account: your base level of fitness; physical health; the time you have available to train; work and/or family commitments; and your ultimate race and/or physical goals.

Ahead of major races, David and Ann are available to discuss race pacing and strategy, as well as race nutrition.

Regrettably, we do not offer group training sessions, nor one-on-one personal training. Rather we provide each athlete with a “running road map” or training plan to be followed in their own time.

David and Ann are also able to provide you with guidance regarding suitable x-training methods, injury prevention and cure, supplements and dietary advice by referring you to the experts with whom we regularly work.

Between January and March 2021, Ann will also be available for training-focused club talks, motivational talks and corporate events.

Which coach should you use?

Please read each of David and Ann’s individual pages and carefully consider which coach/athlete would be better suited to your individual race goals and coaching needs.

Each of us is very different in our outlook and approach to running; you need to team up with the coach best suited to helping you.

What you’ll need

(1) A TrainingPeaks account (it is not necessary to use the Premium version)

(2) A GPS running watch

(3) Appropriate running shoes – we recommend you visit a specialist store (such as The Sweat Shop) or sports centre (such as SBR Sport) for a proper shoe assessment.

(4) Sufficient time to train at least 4 days a week