Ann and David, the founders of Born2Run Athletics Club and later Team Massmart, the first women’s only elite and sub-elite running club in South Africa, have teamed up with Mduduzi Khumalo, founder and coach of Phantane Athletics Club, an elite and development team based in Avoca Hills, KwaZulu Natal.

Phantane AC was founded by Mduduzi in 2013 to service the community in which he lived. Acutely aware of the hardships faced by young athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds in townships and rural areas, Mduduzi formulated a plan to identify young talent and assist up-and-coming athletes to receive support and earn an income through their running-related performances.

In joining Phantane AC, Ann and David hope not only to contribute toward the further growth and development of the club, but intend to merge Team Massmart with the club’s existing mens team. This will add a strong ladies compliment to the mens elite team and provide the perfect platform from which Ann will be able to launch a female-focused development initiative in both Durban and Johannesburg.

You can read more about Phantane AC HERE.

And… if you would like to contribute toward Phatane AC’s fundraising efforts, all monies being used to uplift athletes within our community, please follow THIS link.

Team Massmart

Founded in November 2017, Team Massmart was formed to fulfil Ann’s dream of making a difference in South Africa. She believes that by identifying young talent, nurturing and developing that talent through coaching and mentorship, and by providing athletes with both equal opportunities and the resources they need to fulfil their athletic potential, Team Massmart had the opportunity to change lives. Everyone should have the opportunity to chase their dream.

Team Massmart was comprised of 26 women between the ages of 23 and 45, all of which worked full time and needed to juggle their running between busy work and family lives.

The Athletes who ran in the colours of Team Massmart at Comrades 2019

Team Massmart was wholly committed to the development of young South African talent. This meant that the team supported only South African athletes and had taken a firm decision not to simply recruit elite athletes from other clubs, but focused its attention on building an elite team from scratch.

This approach reaped huge rewards for the team which achieved the following accolades within its first two years:

  • 1st elite team at Comrades 2018
  • 2nd elite team at Comrades 2019
  • 2nd elite team at Two Oceans 2018
  • 3rd elite team at Two Oceans 2019
  • 1st non-elite team and winners of the Ladies Shield at Comrades 2019

Podcasts about Team Massmart and some of the elite ladies:

Team Massmart prided itself on good sportsmanship. Having experienced the elite ladies field as being rife with insincerity, insecurity, and jealousy, Ann was determined to create a team in which each athlete felt both nurtured and respected. More than that, Ann wanted to belong to a team in which genuine friendships could be formed and where athletes who competed against each other, were also able to share their knowledge, skills and experience in order to elevate and develop the team as a whole.

Team Massmart was all about helping each athlete grow into the very best they could be. More than that, Team Massmart prided itself on not participating in the negative behaviour often experienced within the elite ladies field.

This was encapsulated in the team’s 2019 slogan: “With each other. For each other.”